Donnerstag, 30. November 2017

Big announcement for 2018!!!

We are so happy to host the new serie of events called TRIP!!!

Trip No1 will be at UT Connewitz on March 4th!!!


- Berlin/ Bureau B -

-Padova/ Rocket Recordings -

-Leipzig/ Art -

13 Euro (plus fee)


TRIP is a new series of events following the idea of creating an audiovisual space.
Dependant on the specific location, an overall concept uniting both musical and artistic composition in one symbiosis will be presented.
TRIP is not limited to certain styles but ‚lives‘ on creativity overlapping different musical and artistic genres.
The series starts at UT Connewitz on March 4th 2018 and from then on will take place at different venues twice a year.
The first event will bring together the two bands CAMERA (Berlin/Bureau B) and MAMUTHONES (Padova/Rocket Recordings) and WERT (Leipzig/Art).
The Berlin-based krautrock band CAMERA is quite known in the Leipzig area and there’s certainly reason to look forward to danceable rhythms and a lot of energy.
MAMUTHONES combine traditional Italian Psychedelic and Progressive Rock into mystic and exotic sounds.
Following the evening’s musical directions, the Leipzig-based artist collective WERT will arrange the setting at UT Connewitz.