Montag, 17. September 2018

Info: Decibelles & Shed Ballet at Ilses Erika


Monday 17th of September


Ilses Erika
Bernhard-Göring-Straße 152
04277 Leipzig


Doors: 09:30pm
Bands: 10:30pm


- Kidnap Music -

Shed Ballet

Band Info:

Decibelles are a french trio from Lyon who play loud and noisy music together.
After 10 years of experience, 3 Ep's, 2 Lp's, a lot of shows and a new line-up, the band keeps on developing their sound, surfing between indie punk, noise and even pop.
The band doesn't refrain from any inspiration short circuiting any intention to affix a definitive style to their music.
Their brutal live shows don't leave you indifferent, and it is carried by this state of grace that the band is on the road since last april to defend their latest album « Tight » published by Kidnap Music.


Shed Ballet are three ladies, that do music since quite a long time, but only three years in this constellation. They are confident, they are great musicians and they are beautiful. And they live in Leipzig.