Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2015

Lay Llamas at Annihilate Gathering in October

We were afro-psyched when we got the confirmation of Lay Llamas!
We’re happy to present you second day’s sensation of the Annihilate! Gathering on Oct 29th/30th

spacedelic-afro-kraut, fourth-world music, psych tensions, tribal percussions, kosmische synths mix together in a new heights of consciousness
the LAY LLAMAS is a tribe that in the year 2092 AD starts a trip from an unknown region of Nigeria on a self-built spacecraft to reach a planet that they continued to observe every night from the earth and inexplicably attracted them. Once there, explore the planet until they meet a totem called Big Snake who will point the way for the purification and elevation to a higher state of consciousness